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Encouragement Books:

My Beloved
By Carla Sisson
Have you ever wondered what God really thinks of you? Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? Do you need to be encouraged? Read My Beloved to find out!

24 Hours With The Devil
By Carla Sisson

Everyone who is a Christian has experienced the attack of the enemy on their lives at one time or another. Have you ever spent 24 hours with the devil? Read 24 Hours With The Devil to find out what to do!

Upcoming Book: Victorious Warriors
By Thomas Sisson

Have you ever thought what it would be like if the spiritual realm and the physical realm collided? Read Victorious Warriors to see where you can go!

Books From Eagle's Heart Ministries:

Revelation - Battle Of The Ages
By Kenneth C. Kobobel and Diana Johnson Kobobel
Does the Church go through the "great tribulation"? What is the "Mark of the Beast"? Where are we in the end times? To answer these questions and much much more click on Revelation Battle of the Ages!

Revelation - Wake Up! Sound The Alarm!
By Diana Johnson Kobobel and Kenneth C. Kobobel

Wake up! Sound the Alarm! We now live between two great storms, a blessed season of restoration and preparation! The great wind of the Holocaust is past. 4 winds are straining, eager to be unleashed! To discover Gods awesome plan for you, newly revealed mysteries and a fresh perspective on Revelation. Click on Revelation "Wake Up! Sound the Alarm!"

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